Piney Creek KuneKunes

  Kunekune pigs! 

KuneKune Pigs - Sows


Jenny/Te Whangi

Dual Registered AKKPS 0548

COI 10.35

Calamity is my first KuneKune Pig and definitely our “boss hog” in the herd. Yes, I was reading a book about Calamity Jane when I named her but the name fits her perfectly. 

She is everything you could want in a KuneKune and the Jenny Sow Line, great conformation, dark coloring and wonderful mothering skills. You have to have a Jenny KuneKune Pig!




  AKKPS 8634

  COI 4.1

  Silly Aries and I have something in common, we hate to be

  photographed! I fooled her with a belly rub. Thank you Fiddling Pig   




Kelso, our Rebecca Gina



                          Rebecca Gina/Mahia Love                           

                          Dual Registered AKKPS 3773

                          COI  8.84


                            Kelso comes to us from Northern

                            California, she has fantastic ears 

                            and a sweet personality. And a large girl!

                            Kelso is dam to MacDougal, our young Boris boar, 

                            she is a good breeder with a fantastic mothering

                            instinct. Nice topline and conformation.

                            Another lovely KuneKune Pig. 





                           AKKPS 5183

                           COI 4.6

                           I am so proud to call this girl a Piney 

                           Creek Farm homebred KuneKune pig, 

                           she's completely adorable!

                           We also call her "no legs" for an obvious         

                           reason! Her first litter with Arlo as the sire

                           was stupendous!

                           Wincy is on the smaller side but has a long silky

                           coat and beautiful kunekune babies!




                                      Queen Bee

                 PCF Trish/BH Tutaki

                                  AKKPS 6030

                                  COI 5.0

                                  Queen Bee has the most gentle nature of

                                  all our gilts, great conformation with 

                                  feet and pasterns. She had 10 cream 

                                  piglets her first litter!



Our Aria Giana Speck, a beauty



                   PCF Aria Giana/Ru

                                   AKKPS 5652

                                   COI 1.1 

                                   A large gilt, beautiful and with a great 

                                   personality, long and well built with

                                   a perfect wide head and short snout.

                                   Speck had her first litter in 2-19, she had 10!

                                   Proud of this PCF KuneKune Pig!





                                AKKPS 7422

                                COI 2.9

                                I have longed for a Camanna piglet and I am not

                                disappointed. Layla is beautiful, has a great 

                                disposition and just gave us a first litter with ease!



                          Jenny/Mahia Love 

                              AKKPS 10413

                              COI 6.9

                             Emmie from from AFV farm and a great granddaughter 

                             to Calamity. I am so happy to have her and to add

                             another beautiful Jenny to my herd! She's expecting her                 

                             first litter!




                          AKKPS 10412

                          COI 2.7


                          My first Momona and my first Andrew line.

                          I love her, she is black with reddish curls!



                                AKKPS 10445

                                COI 3.1

                                My second Momona and she is from Red Roof 

                                Kunekunes. I will have to slim her down before I

                                can call her Little Lass! Expecting her first litter!