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Ru/Sally "Hank"
AKKPS 4026
DOB 9/15/16

I literally have too many Ru boars! Looking for a good home for Hank, very sweet, mild mannered. Parents are Gunner & Junie B.

                      GILT FOR SALE


                       AKKPS 3091

                       DOB 3/1/2016

                       Johnni has been exposed to a boar (Watson-BH Tutaki) and

                       might be bred, she would make a good homestead sow! She had 5 

                       piglets and is a fantastic Mom, a true Jenny!        

  Purchase as a breeding pair with Johnni already 

  exposed to another bloodline and begin your kunekune adventure!

 Contact Piney Creek Farm Kunekunes for price and details.


 Thanks to everyone who has viewed our website, and Facebook page (Piney Creek Farm Kunekunes) and shown such an interest in these wonderful pigs, we couldn't have done it without you! Many of our Fall 2017 kunekunes piglets have found great farm homes.


Johnni (Jenny)-Watson (BH Tutaki)- 3 gilts for sale 

Bambalam (WG)-Arlo (Tonganui)- sold 

Junie (Sally)-Ranger (Boris) 

Lulu-(Trish)-Arlo (Tonganu) 2 gilts and 1 boar for sale

This Fall!

Speck & MacDougal

Delta & Watson

Liddie & Arlo