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Fabulous KuneKunes for Sale


DOB 2-22-19

AKKPS 8595 

COI 4.7

Aria Giana gilt out of Speck and MacDougal. No wattles but great conformation and large in size. Contact for pricing.

  Companion barrow or pet for sale. 


       Litter notification! Trish/Tonganui

       COI 6.9

       Looking for a cream, I have 4 gilts and 1 boar that were just weaned.      


               Litter Notification! Wilsons Gina/Boris

               COI 6.5

               A little of everything in this litter, message for more information.


                          AKKPS 8978



                      Wilsons Gina/Boris Gilt

                      AKKPS 8979



                  Boris/Wilsons Gina Boar

                  AKKPS 8974

                  Double Wattled

             Tonganui/Trish Boar

             AKKPS 8906

             Double Wattled

If you're looking to add a cream to your litter contact me about my Trish/Tonganui. 4 Gilts and 1 Boar available, all double wattled!


                                                                                              Barrows available!

 Thanks to everyone who has viewed our website, and Facebook page (Piney Creek Farm Kunekunes) and shown such an interest in these wonderful pigs, we couldn't have done it without you! 

This SUMMER (2019)!

Flo Jo & Arlo

Liddie Lou & Gringo

Junie B & Gringo

Wincy & Rogue

Calamity & Loki