Piney Creek KuneKunes

  Kunekune piglets! 

KuneKune Pigs - Sows/Gilts


Jenny/Te Whangi

Registered AKKPS & AKPR

COI 10.35

Calamity is my first KuneKune Pig and definitely our “boss hog” in the herd. Yes, I was reading a book about Calamity Jane when I named her but the name fits her perfectly. 

She is everything you could want in a Jenny, great conformation, dark coloring and a wonderful Mother.

Miss ippi


Registered AKKPS

COI Zero

I have Goose Meadow Farm to thank for this beautiful girl, thus Miss ippi is her name, from Mississippi. We love everything about her, great conformation with short legs, large droopy ears and a thick curly coat.

 She is also the most lovable and has recently given us a litter of Six for her first pregnancy.

Junie B


AKKPS Registered

COI 1.95

Our first Sally, but hopefully not our last, thank you Goose Meadow! She's a little chatterbox so she is named after one of our grandchildrens favorite book character. We can't wait to see what she will look like later...hopefully she will take after  her dam Duchess Kate. We are hoping to breed her with Gunner in June 2016! Wait for the announcemnet!


Wilson's Gina/BH Tutaki
Registered AKKPS
COI 7.56

Now we have a true character on our hands! Daughter of Black Betty we just couldn't help naming her bambalam. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she retains her brown tips on her coat.



                             Rebecca Gina/Mahia Love

                             Registered AKKPS

                             COI  8.84


                            Kelso comes to us from Northern

                            California, she has fantastic ears 

                            and a sweet personality. She is expecting 

                            piglets in Nov. 2017 with Ranger as sire.





                           Registered AKKPS

                           COI 4.6

                           I am so proud to call this girl a Piney 

                           Creek Farm gilt, she's completely adorable!

                           We also call her "no legs" for an obvious         

                           reason! She is expecting soon with Ru/Aria

                           boar Hugo!





                  Trish/BH tutaki

                                AKKPS Registered

                                COI 2.7

                                My last Trish from Goose Meadow, I love

                                the Trish line and Lulu is half sister to my

                                lovely Miss ippi. Both are proven sows      

                                and wonderful mothers.

                                            Delta Dawn



                                       AKKPS Registered

                                       COI 9.7

                                       If you want a kunekune that is wide

                                       and large bodied, get a tapeka. Delta

                                       was larger at one year than any other

                                       gilt I have owned. You can always find

                                       her lounging in a puddle or pool!



                                            Queen Bee

                    PCF Trish/BH Tutaki

                                        AKKPS Registered

                                        COI 5.0

                                        Queen Bee has the most gentle nature of

                                        all our gilts, great conformation with excellent

                                        feet and pasterns. Hmmm, I might be partial

                                        to creams.



                   Speck is a PCF Aria Giana/Ru

                                   Registered AKKPS 5652

                                   COI 1.1 

                                   A large gilt, beautiful and with a great 

                                   personality, long and well built with

                                   a perfect wide head and short snout.



                  Liddie Lou

                  PCF Wilsons Gina/Ru

                                         Registered AKKPS

                                         COI 5.5

                                         Liddie Lou (cream) and Speck are inseparable.

                                         Believe it or not Liddie is the daughter of our

                                         black sow, Bambalam. Makes you wonder                   

                                         what Liddie will produce.