Piney Creek KuneKunes

  Kunekune pigs! 

Our Heritage KuneKune Boars



Registered AKKPS

COI 8.59

Ranger is our first boar and we have never regretted starting with a Boris. When he isn’t in the mud he has beautiful, rich black and ginger coloring with curls!

He has the large Boris head we like so much.

Ranger is a big boy with a calm temperament.   




 Tonganui/Wilsons Gina

 Registered AKKPS

 COI 2.01

 Our addition to Piney Creek Farm from Bel Canto     

 Farm from the famous gingers Bonnie & Babe! Arlo is a

 gorgeous deep ginger with a beautiful wide head, he produces 

 lovely piglets!



    Boris/Rebecca Gina

         AKKPS Registered

         COI 8.2

         We were excited to retain this Boris boar from 

         Ranger, can't wait to watch him grow!

         MacDougal had his first offspring & more on the 

         way, he's very popular with the ladies!



                               Tuahuru/Wilsons Gina

                               AKKPS Registered

                               COI 7.4

                               We are very pleased to have a Red Roof Kunekune

                               boar and it adds a new boar line for us. Rogue will

                               breeding soon, he will be one year in May 2019. He

                               has super silky hair, great conformation and a lovely



              Tonganu/Wilsons Gina (SOLD)

                                AKKPS Registered

                                COI 4.3

                               Chester is our only solid black pig (his dam

                               Bambalam has white feet), his coloring is really 

                               striking. He should be producing for us this summer!

                               New litter for sale by Chester & Layla.





                         AKKPS Registered

                         COI 4.0

                         Youngest of my boars but he is beginning to show a

                         large build and will be ready this fall to offer us up a

                         new boar line.