Piney Creek KuneKunes

  Kunekune pigs! 

Our Heritage KuneKune Boars



AKKPS 0433

COI 8.59

Ranger is our first boar and we have never regretted starting with a Boris. When he isn’t in the mud he has beautiful, rich black and ginger coloring with curls!

He has the large Boris head we like so much.

Ranger is a big boy with a calm temperament.   




 Tonganui/Wilsons Gina

 Dual Registered AKKPS 2652

 COI 2.01

 Our addition to Piney Creek Farm from Bel Canto     

 Farm from the famous gingers Bonnie & Babe! Arlo is a

 gorgeous deep ginger with a beautiful wide head, he produces 

 lovely piglets!



    PCF Boris/Rebecca Gina

         AKKPS 5939

         COI 8.2

         We were excited to retain this Boris boar from 

         Ranger, can't wait to watch him grow!

         MacDougal had his first offspring & more on the 

         way, he's very popular with the ladies!



                               Tuahuru/Wilsons Gina

                               AKKPS 7064

                               COI 7.4

                               We are very pleased to have a Red Roof Kunekune

                               boar and it adds a new boar line for us. Rogue will

                               breeding soon, he will be one year in May 2019. He

                               has super silky hair, great conformation and a lovely



                PCF Tonganui/Wilsons Gina
                        AKKPS 9613
                        COI 8.0

                        Unfortunately cream pigs are often dirty! This little
                   guy has some growing to do, he has a nice snout
                   and really nice pasterns.