Piney Creek KuneKunes

  Kunekune piglets! 

Our Heritage KuneKune Boars



Registered AKKPS

COI 8.59

Ranger is our first boar and we have never regretted starting with a Boris. When he isn’t in the mud he has beautiful, rich black and ginger coloring with curls!

He has the large Boris head we like so much.

Ranger is a big boy with a calm temperament.   





Registered AKKPS

COI 0%

We call Watson our “funny guy”, he gets so excited when he gets to the fruit before the others and then just runs off squealing. Another sweet boy and lots of fun. We’re hoping to get creams with that brown & white coloring!

Yes, creams in his first two litters!




Registered AKKPS

COI 3.42

We are so in love with this little guy, adding a Ru boar to our herd from Virginia Kunekunes and with such rich ginger color was my best idea! I can see many beautiful piglets in our future. We're hoping he breeds with our Sally bloodline in June (Junie B). Keep your fingers crossed.

Piglets available!



 Tonganui/Wilsons Gina

 Registered AKKPS

 COI 2.01

 Our newest addition to Piney Creek Farm from Bel Canto     

 Farm from the famous gingers Bonnie & Babe! Arlo is a

 gorgeous deep ginger with a beautiful wide head, we can't

 to see what he produces for us.



    Boris/Rebecca Gina

         AKKPS Registered

         COI 8.2

         We were excited to retain this Boris boar from 

         Ranger, can't wait to watch him grow!